“A strong gust of wind, whirls us up into the skies!” Emergence of BioBAY’s Hong Kong subsidiary ideal in the face of global innovation

On the afternoon of August 26, a major announcement went viral on the Internet ⏤ Suzhou free trade zone was officially demarcated, marking a new chapter of Suzhou’s opening access to outside world. BioBAY, which is located in the zone and has been working in biomedicine development for more than ten years, also announced the establishment of its subsidiary in Hong Kong. It will be responsible for widening overseas investment, screening high-quality early-stage innovation projects abroad, building a communication platform for key institutes and teams overseas, thus fully participating in global innovation.

Since Hong Kong is a strategic window of the country and a globally-safe capital harbor, coupled with aggressive promotion of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area development strategy, BioBAY’s Hong Kong subsidiary can utilize international capital to quickly introduce excellent overseas teams. It can also bring in cutting-edge innovative technologies to complete the park's commercialization initiative while increasing access to quality local resources to the park’s companies that plan to list in Hong Kong. Thereby, the biomedicine industry ecosystem of Suzhou Industrial Park will be improved, fostering greater global impact while attracting more talent and capital to create a virtuous cycle of company development.

To provide personal and efficient services to publicly listed companies and the oncoming ones in Hong Kong, and join the trend of global innovation, attract high-level projects as well as improve the investment plan and industrial support for innovative biomedical companies, BioBAY’s Hong Kong subsidiary will participate in global innovation in the following four aspects: As a platform for the park's biomedical companies to hold various activities in Hong Kong, linking local resources with marketing as well as international business cooperation, investment and communication; it will introduce professional overseas start-up teams and projects to conduct early business incubation; it will positively cooperate with the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, discuss and build proper cooperation patterns, connect Hong Kong’s capital and resources to foster the biomedical industry's development; supporting activities of companies in Hong Kong, organizing regular activities such as professional conferences, workshops and forums.