About us
Phase I of BioBAY
  • Located in the southwest of Suzhou Industrial Park,BioBay hasestablished itself as a pivotal role in life science innovation,clustering more than 400 high-tech startups covering the fields of drug  discovery,medical devices and diagnosis,biotechnology, nanotechnology and contract researches(CRO).

218 Xinghu Rd., Suzhou Industrial Park,China
Phase II of BioBAY
  • Commercialization center for high-tech drug,medical device and IVD companies

  • Occupy an area of 204,000㎡ in three phases

  • Planned construcation area of 120,000㎡ in Phase A,has been delivered in May 2015

  • Phase Bincludes 13 individual buildings of 94,000㎡,will be delivered in the end of 2017,Phase Cincludes 82,000㎡

218 Sangtian Rd., Suzhou Industrial Park,China
BioBAY CHangshu
  • Primary center for innovative biomedical technology commercializtion,with a focus on new molecular entities,biotechnology,and other relevant projects with global influence

  • 2014 CBIA China Promising Bio Park TOP10

  • Located in the north of Changshu,1 hour drive to Suzhou and Shanghai

  • Planned area of 1K㎡ in Phase I

  • Well-established infrastructure and pleasant liveing environment

No. 1, Sheng Yu Road, Hai Yu Town, Changshou City, Jiangsu