Competitiveness of Bio-pharmaceutical Industry in Suzhou Industrial Park Maintains First Place

Recently, the 2020 Competitiveness Evaluation and Analysis Report of Bio-Pharmaceutical Industry Park in China was released. In terms of industrial competitiveness, Suzhou Industrial Park retained the first place.

The 2020 Competitiveness Evaluation and Analysis Report of Bio-Pharmaceutical Industry Park in China is compiled from five aspects:  competitiveness of the environment, industry, technology, talents and leaders.


Suzhou Industrial Park was placed first in "talent competitiveness and industrial competitiveness" among the five criteria, and industrial competitiveness (the most important) has been ranked first for two consecutive years. In terms of comprehensive competitiveness, the park ranks second.


More and more innovative biopharmaceutical enterprises have landed on Jiangyun Road. It can be said that Suzhou Industrial Park innovates and develops here, and so does biomedicine.

Jiangyun Road has witnessed the development of the biopharmaceutical industry in the park. In about 10 years, more than 1,400 biopharmaceutical enterprises have gathered in the park.

With the development of artificial intelligence and big data in the park, cross-border cooperation is also blossoming. Suzhou Supercomputing Center, put into operation this year, has built a "super brain" for the "No.1 Industry" with its powerful computing power.


Wang Xie, deputy director of the Biopharmaceutical Industry Innovation Center of Suzhou Industrial Park, said that Suzhou has also made progress in the most popular frontier fields such as gene therapy and cell therapy, that is, "IT+BT" biomedical big data field, and will continue to keep up with global trends and accelerate research and gathering of these resources in the future.       


With advanced vision and technology, the park has increasingly innovative enterprises, top talents and a conducive innovation ecology.


Ni Gan, member of the Party Working Committee and deputy director of the Management Committee of Suzhou Industrial Park, said the park has formulated a three-year plan for the high-quality development of emerging industries, and proposed to double growth in five areas within three years.Suzhou is relatively weak in clinical trials, and plans to collaborate with Shanghai, Beijing and other big cities with rich medical resources.


Currently, Suzhou regards biopharmaceuticals as the "No. 1 Industry" and is making every effort to build a world-class landmark of the industry. As the core area of Suzhou's biopharmaceutical industry and the main battlefield for transformation and innovation in the city, the park has increasingly become a world-class biomedical innovation park because of a concentration of high-end biopharmaceutical resources, high-quality achievements, outstanding talents, enterprises and industrial ecology.

Source: Watch Suzhou