Capital Platform
Suzhou Industrial Park Bioventure Investment Management Limited (Bioventure) specializes in the field of life sciences in the early stages of venture capital investments, and its investment targets are biotechnology, drug discovery, medical devices and healthcare services companies having high strength and growth, greater development space and excellent management team. It also provides capital, management, operation and other aspects of post-investment support and services. The amount in two rounds of fundraising is about RMB2 billion. Bioventure has completed 34 high-quality projects. With concentration and rich industrial resources, Bioventure is dedicated to growing into one of the most successful medical and pharmaceutical venture funds in China.
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通和资本是一家植根于中国市场的优秀的风险投资机构,专注于生命科学和健康医疗行业的创新型投资机会。BioBAY以有限合伙人身份参与其中,共同推动中国创新型生物医药企业的成长与发展。 基金关注的行业领域集中在国家大力扶持的新兴战略产业中和生命科学密切相关的技术和平台。通和资本旗下目前管理人民币和美元两支平行基金,为我们所关注企业的融资需求提供更多的架构灵活性。
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Goldstone Investment Limited is a professional fund co-founded by BioBAY and CITIC Securities Co. Ltd. It mainly invests in enterprises on the verge of industrialization and to be listed in the bio-medicine, medical device, and gene industries. It manages about RMB1 billion, and Phase I is RMB300 million. Based on SIP, it will gradually cover the whole of China relying on the comprehensive strength of CITIC Securities and BioBAY. By linkage of investment and listing and market making businesses, the fund will be developed into a professional investment force with brand matching earnings.
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Medtronic China Fund was established in 2016. Phase I was mainly contributed by Medtronic, Inc., Sequoia Capital and BioBAY, specializing in the equity investment of medical device, disease management and other life science fields of China. The fund management team consists of professionals in health care, product R&D and marketing. They are dedicated to finding and investing in promising enterprises and helping them grow into leaders of their niche markets.
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The innovation ecosystem with the highest concerns in China

Two domestic enterprises are included in Top 10 Young Companies in the Money of 2016.

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