Incubator Clusters
  • Specializing in research and development of innovative drugs.

  • A private incubator initiated and established by enterprises of the park to optimize resource distribution and give play to the collaboration effect.

  • BioBAY incubation functional expansion to integrate more innovation types.  

  • Relying on the technical platform of Bio Top, overall incubation and professional experiences and resources of BioBAY, it aims to build a service-oriented incubator.  

  • Focus on industry-university-research institute cooperation in the immuno-oncology fields.

  • It is exploring new industrial development modes relying on the platforms and resources of Chinese Academy of Medical Science and building an integrated professional technology incubator.  

  • It specializes in introduction and incubation of innovation projects of niche markets such as diabetes management and orthopedic bio-materials.

  • Relying on industrial experiences of senior experts such as Sun Jianyan, Han Shoupeng and Huang Xiaomin, it will accelerate incubation using the capital and channel resources of Legend Capital.

  • It specializes in the innovative medical products of cardiovascular and intervention devices with high added value.

  • The core team includes Jin Kewen, Shi Chenyang and other elites who are active in the life science industry of China to introduce industrialization projects with mature technology and high added value.

  • In the gene diagnosis sequencing field, it aims at integrating high-quality resources of R&D, declaration and market channels to accelerate incubation of domestic innovation enterprises.

  • It has integrated listed company platform resources, third party service institution resources and investment channels; it has a mature and efficient incubation mode and has incubated three to four listed enterprises.

  • Oriented to the Chinese market, the incubator is looking for medical device startup projects across the world.

  • It is a joint effort of the world’s largest medical technology and service company, one of the world’s most influential venture capital firms and the best incubation park of China.